AGO Fuel Cells

About AGO Fuel Cells

Renewable Energy research and development.

A division of A.G.O. Environmental Electronics Ltd


Formed in 2009, AGO Fuel Cells provides a retail source of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for researchers and hobbyists.

Since 2012, our focus has shifted to the development of efficient electric drive systems for boats, along with the development and testing of LED panel lighting  for homes and office applications.

Work is continuing on the satellite with local educational groups. Major steps in the development of Jim Harrington's theoretical Diamagnetic Quantum drive for powering satellites by converting light to motion with no mass being ejected are on track. Launch of the first system is set for 2016 - 2018

What is new


Here's an article from Victoria Times Colonist about the students and the project:

 University of Victoria students' tiny satellite aims for the stars.

Gallery of Past Projects

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